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How to map network drive to WebDav share on Windows 8

Quick instructions on how to map network drive to a WebDav share on Windows 8:

  1. Go to the search charm and search for “local services” (alternatively go to Start, and just start typing “local services”). You’ll see 1 match under “Settings” as “View Local Services“.
  2. Find the service named “WebClient” and you’ll see that the service isn’t started and the startup type is “Manual“.
  3. Rick-click and choose “Start” to start the service. Then right-click again, hit properties, then change the startup type to “Automatic“.  This will make sure the service is started with every reboot.
  4. Go to File Explorer (<Windows>+E) and click on “Map Network Drive” in the ribbon on the “Computer” tab.
  5. Choose a drive letter (or accept the default), and copy and paste your WebDav URL into Folder field (e.g. https://webdav-server.com/share).   If this is a one-time mapping, uncheck “Reconnect at sign-in“, otherwise leave it checked.  It’s likely that you’ll need a different set of credentials for the WebDav server, so check the “Connect using different credentials“.  Hit Finish.
  6. Enter your credentials and hit OK.

Applying ReplayGain more easily with Foobar2000 and MP3Tag

I previously wrote about applying ReplayGain to MP3 files with a combination of Foobar2000 and MP3Tag.  I’ve come up with a slightly easier way to reduce some of the manual steps.

I found out that both Foobar2000 and MP3Tag both supports some limited command line operations, and with a tiny bit of legwork, you can add a right-click (context menu) way of making this process easier.

With this approach, you can now right-click songs, select a context menu option and Foobar2000 will automatically apply ReplayGain at the track-level then MP3Tag will automatically open up and add the songs ready for you to apply the custom Action we previously created.

First, make sure you have Foobar2000 and MP3Tag installed.

Second, copy the following script and put it in a batch file and save it somewhere you can remember. I put mine in E:\Documents\ReplayGainScripts\ReplayGain.bat.  I’m on an x64 system, so notice the environment variables highlighted in red which will need to be changed to %PROGRAMFILES% if you are on x86 (32-bit).

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Deleting song in iTunes Library from within a Playlist

I’m always playing songs in iTunes through a playlist (vs. navigating through the Library), so when I come across a song that I want to delete, I have always used a 2 step process since through the iTunes UI you can’t delete it from the playlist and the library at the same time. I resorted to:

  1. Look at the song title
  2. Type the song title into search box
  3. In the search results, right click and delete the song

This was such a pain in the butt that I always wished there was an easier way to do this straight from the playlist.  Turns out there is!

I found this list of Windows shortcuts on Apple’s site which shows that Shift+Delete is the answer I’ve been looking for:


Delete the selected song from your library and all playlists

So when you’re in an iTunes playlist and want to remove the song from the playlist only, use Delete.  If you want to remove it from both the playlist AND your iTunes Library, use Shift+Delete !

(There is also another undocumented shortcut – CTRL + SHIFT + Delete which will do the same thing as Shift+Delete except it will add an extra confirmation for sending the file to the recycle bin. Since you already get one prompt using Shift+Delete, there’s no reason for this extra step)