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Beijing, Paint thinner and toilet adventures

The other night I headed out for dinner and drinks with a friend and had my first experience with the local alcohol. Bai-jiu is made from fermented rice and is apparently anywhere from 35-65% alcohol with a strong emphasis on “make it as cheaply as possible”. Just as my luck would have it, the bottle we had was 60% strong. I’m already a lightweight when it comes to drinking, and my first sip of this stuff almost sent me over the edge at the start of our meal. I couldn’t believe how strong this stuff was and strongly encourage you to avoid it at all costs despite what the locals tell you. If I ever was to drink paint thinner, I’m positive it would taste exactly like Bai-jiu. After I took my last siip to finish the glass off, 2 of the locals in the restaurant clapped and gave me a high-five. It’s never a good sign when the locals are giving you props for drinking hard alcohol.

Later in the evening, we went to a few bars to try to get the taste of the Bai-jiu out of my mouth. The funny and scary thing about Beijing is that no matter how nice the establishment is that you go, the condition and cleanliness of the toilets are a crap shoot (no pun intended). The bar that we ended up going to was fairly and when I decided to gamble with a trip to the restroom, I saw the funniest sign I’ve seen so far in Beijing:


A picture really does say a thousand words…