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Microsoft Bing launches

Microsoft Bing launched today publicly, and color me impressed.image   I was always a fan of portions of Live Search, but the improvement they’ve made across the board with Bing is impressive. It’s nowhere near a Google knock-out punch, but it has marked improvement in key areas, that it’s going to be hard for people to ignore how well Bing performs. Perhaps John Battelle’s 2009 prediction of “at least a five point gain in [Microsoft] search share” will come true after all?

Searches to try to see some of the new functionality:

  1. Up” – will give you movie showtimes in your city
  2. “Up” video search will give thumbnails of videos, but the best part is when you hover over each with your mouse pointer.  Instant preview!
  3. flights from sea to nyc” shows you airfare predictions based on Farecast technology with one click access to 30-day outlook on fare prices.
  4. Medical searches like “swine flu” – see the left hand side for categories to help refine your search (Articles, symptoms, causes,…), related searches (who knew there was a  “1976 swine flu scare”?) and also returns credible results at the top from the Mayo Clinic.
  5. Using Bing Maps, simple food searches like “pizza” will auto detect your location and show you all matching nearby restaurants .

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, but are neat improvements I’ve noticed in my usage over the past couple of hours.  Anything cool I’m missing?

Windows Search 4.0 preview

Anyone installed the Windows Search 4.0 preview that was announced?  Seems tempting given the stated benefits:

  • fixed “most of the reported bugs” since Vista RTM
  • 33% faster!
  • Rollback recovery — allows you to rollback your index to the last known “good” state instead of rebuilding from scratch. This has hit me a few times.. (then again, not sure if this is a feature to cheer about or not.  Shouldn’t they just work on making sure my index doesn’t get corrupted in the first place?)

There are also some good enterprise features like supporting Encrypted File Systems (EFS) that won’t apply to home users.

I think I’m going to install this on one of my desktop machines at home and see how it goes 🙂