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Lego Men Unmasked

I broke out my brand spanking new Panasonic LX-3 camera at a friend’s house the other night to shoot my first macro project in a long time.  I now present you the 6 part series for Lego Men Unmasked.


Part 1: Heroes Unmasked

Our 3 heroes unmask briefly before their first group meeting.


Part 2: Group Meeting

Robin: “Who made you boss?”

Batman: “Guys, stop looking at me like that. This hat is stylin’ on me and enemies will run in fear from all of us!”

Indiana Jones: “For the record, I think my hat is way better than your cowl.”


Part 3: Darth Robin

“On second thought, I like this costume change.  You look ridiculous.  *I* on the other hand, look great as Darth Vader.”


Part 4: Second thoughts

“Indy, I think my idea to change our head wear was a bad idea.”


Part 5: Realizations of bad decisions

“No, I’m serious. We gotta talk about this. This cowboy hat sucks. It doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of anyone!”


Part 6: Consequences

“Dude, seriously. I think you need your mask to cover up that receding hair line.  I bet you’re regretting this whole costume change now.  Too bad Indy kept your cowl.”

The End

Photo in Schmapp Seattle

Schmap is a free online travel guide various popular domestic and international Schmap.com logo destinations.  They source all their photos freely by canvassing sites like Flickr.  Typically I don’t license my images for free, but I’ve done once already with Schamp because I really like the idea of providing a free travel information.  Besides, it’s just plain cool to have my photo in an online travel guide!

A second photo of mine that I took during my Cirque de Soleil promotional shoot just got included in the Schmap guide for the East-side of Seattle.

This is the photo:

Proposal by Books

On your PC, you can see it in their guide for Redmond Town Center.  They also have an iPhone formatted version for your viewing pleasure.

Photographs of Trevin

Out of about 15,000 photographs I have at home, less than 1% of them actually have me in them.  Sigh… the perils of always being the photographer.  Over the last year, I’ve met some amazing friends through the Seattle Flickr group and one of the upsides is being on the other side of the lens for a change.  I’m always ecstatic when a photograph comes out and I don’t look like a complete dork.

Here is a series of shots taken by Shawn and Rachel at a BBQ held last Saturday at Chez Chow (aka my house) featuring yours truly.  Whether I look like a complete dork is obviously subjective, but hey, I love these shots 🙂

essence of cool. Trevin's Skills

Happy-Go-Lucky Skills

And Now We Dance Oh Dear...