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How to get focus peaking with the Olympus OM-D E-M5

Came across this gem today on mu-43 forums and 43 Rumors on how to add focus peaking to the Olympus OM-D:

  1. Change the mode dial on the E-M5 to “A”
  2. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: set the “Picture Mode” to “ART 11 Key Line” (press right and choose Filter II). You may need to repeat this step twice to get the art filter setting to stick.
  3. Optional step if you want magnified view during focus peaking: Menu > Shooting Menu 1 > Set “Digital Tele-converter” to “On”
  4. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: select “Reset/Myset”, then select “Myset1” and choose “Set”
  5. Menu > Custom Menu B: select “Button Function”, then select “Fn1 Function” and choose “My1”
  6. Menu > Shooting Menu 1: set the “Picture Mode” to “Natural” (or whatever you started out with)
  7. Menu > Shooting Menu 1 > Set “Digital Tele-converter” back to “Off” if you set it to “On” in Step 3 above



Cheap fix to eliminate the long Olympus OM-D battery charger power cord

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 comes with an absurdly long power cord for the charger making it a hassle to not only deal with at home, but a pain in the button travel with.  Thankfully there’s an easy solution to get something much more compact:

Plug adapters:

Just in case you need a bit of space between the wall and your charger:

Alternatively, if you have a mac power adapter, you can use re-use the plug or just order an additional one:

Here’s a European plug to use when you travel and don’t want to deal with an extra plug converter: