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Microsoft Store Australia and Italy have opened

Over the past several months, the Microsoft Store team has been working hard at improving our stores.  2 notable areas we’re working on is getting ready for the big launch of image Windows 7 as well as expanding our global footprint. 

As we all anticipate Windows 7’s launch on October 22, we have some great news to share in the meantime.

Today, we opened up 2 new additional international stores – Microsoft Store Italy and Microsoft Store Australia!

Both of these new stores are currently offering Microsoft software by download, or download + backup media.  We are continually looking to expand our catalog in each of our international stores, so be patient with us 🙂

The past year has seen us open up several international stores, and with these 2 new stores, we now have presence in 12 countries world-wide.

If you’re a customer of one of our new stores, drop us a comment here, or on Twitter and let us know what you think!

Side-view of Florence

What I like best about photography is that simple changes in camera settings, composition or even the perspective is able to complete change the perception and emotion of a photograph. 

Florence was a photographer’s dream.  So many unique landscapes, buildings and even people roaming the streets.  One striking difference between major cities in Italy and ones back in North America is how many scooters and motorcyles are parked along the side of the road on any given day.   For this particular shot, I noticed a immaculately clean scooter at the side of the road, which allowed me to capture the Florentian sky, buildings and the edge of the embankment near the Ponte Vecchio.  Oddly, when I see this photo all I can think about is eating Gelato in the rain. Dont’ ask, it’s a long story 🙂

It really leans!

It suffices to say that I thought Pisa was a dump when Colene and I went there on a day trip from Florence. A quick 1 hour train ride and we walked through one of the most pitiful cities on our European tour. After getting our bearings, we made a bee line straight for the famous leaning tower so we could get our obligatory photograph. After a short 20 mins walk, we exited this side street and saw the huge tower in front of us. Colene and I both uttered “Holy sh*t!” at the exact same time — priceless.

Yes, it really does lean. And yes, it is worth the visit even though the rest of the city is unremarkable and dirty.

Nightfall in Vernazza

I took this shot while traveling through the town of Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy. Since I was backpacking, I was really travel weight conscious so I took along the lightest tripod I had. This turned out to be a huge mistake. It was so flimsy that I had a ton of trouble composing these night shots because the vibrations from the ground would get so easily transfered to the shot.

I had to find creative ways of weighing the tripod down to dampen the vibrations. Every one of my long exposure night shots took at least 3 times longer than they should have.

I love this particular shots because of the variation in colors that run from left to right. Every time I look at this photograph, I remember the warm breezes at night and the fantastic pesto pizza my sister and I enjoyed at sunset.


On my vacation to Europe, my sister and I spent a couple of days in Cinque Terre were I got some of my most beautiful shots. I love this shot in particular due to the stark contrast between the buildings and rocky mountain side. I would have loved to have had a wider lens but this turned out nice nevertheless. One of my favs from the trip.