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Green is sexy!

For the last month I’ve been working on a side project with Didi, Megan and Rachel (Yes, it’s really Rachel McAdams 🙂 )to help get an environmental blog off the ground. The project, Green Is Sexy, has peeked its head out for the first time today.

The goal of the project is to give you tips and information on how to little changes in your life can have a big impact on the world around us. You’ll be able to find things like tips of the day, links to local environmental resources and even suggested books that make for good green reading.

The innaugural tip of the day is:

Recycle your junk mail.

Recycle your junk mail

Junk mail usually lives only a couple minutes outside the mailbox before it hits the trash. Recycle glossy magazines, mixed-paper junk mail and newspaper instead of throwing it away. Check to see what you can recycle in your area on our resource page (insert link). To maximize your efforts and minimize your impact, remove yourself from bulk-mailings by following the directions here to ensure even less junk arrives in your mailbox and your recycling bin.

Green Is Sexy is built on top of WordPress from with a bunch of customizations in PHP. All the credit goes to my “green girls”, Didi, Rachel and Megan, for the idea and even visuals; they definitely have a great idea here and also an eye for design. I’m just the donkey who helps tinker and power things under the hood 🙂

The site will continue to grow as we figure out more things to add to the site. If you have suggestions, fire away!

Let’s get your green on!

PS — My green girls were kind enough to give me kudos in the Things we heart section. Check me out under Contributors 😉