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Driver update fixed gigabit ethernet on the Mac Mini

I was previously having troubles with getting the Mac Mini connecting at Gigabit speeds on my home network.  I thought for sure it was the cabling or wall jack this entire time, since those are usually the root of all problems with a gigabit setup.  However, after testing out all the equipment, I was left at a loss.  I then suspected it might be due to a driver problem, but after doing a bunch of searches on the web (including the Marvell site) I couldn’t find any mention of this problem. 

A few days ago, I discovered my Mac Mini was now mysteriously connecting at gigabit speeds.  I traced it back to a Marvell driver update that was applied through Windows Update.  Gigabit ethernet, come to daddy!

Gigabit ethernet support for Mac Mini on Vista

The last few days I spent getting a Mac Mini running with Vista Ultimate to replace the PC running XP media center in my living room. The whole process was very enlightening, so I plan on writing up about the entire experience sometime soon. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find a solution to a network problem I’ve been having. The one problem I’m having right now is getting gigabit ethernet to work on the Mac Mini. I have all the Cat5e or Cat 6 cabling and gigabit switches at home with other devices functioning properly. The Mac Mini refuses to connect to the switch at gigabit speeds. I’ve quadruple checked the cable, even trying the same cable on another device and it succesfully connects at gigabit speeds.

I posted up a question on the Apple Support forums here:


However, no luck in finding a solution yet. Does anyone have this working?

Update (4/21/2008): My gigabit ethernet is now working on my Mac Mini after applying the latest Marvell driver.