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Europe in a whirlwind

I’m currently in Europe for the shortest international trip I’ve ever taken. I’m cruising through 4 countries in 6 days meeting with the Microsoft subsidiary in each country.  Dealing with the time zone changes while diving straightaway into work was tougher than I anticipated, and to make matters worse, I’m pulling double duty working remotely with my team in Redmond in the late evenings.

My sleep patterns are totally erratic with me being able to sleep some nights a full 8 hours, and other nights I’m waking up at 3am and unable to fall back asleep.

Even more disappointing, I haven’t been able to take more than a dozen photos while I’ve been here.  The weather was gorgeous in Madrid, which I saw through the office windows.  Arrived in Paris yesterday morning and the weather was complete crap with non-stop rain. Ugh.

I have a few blog posts currently in progress related to technology but are all on hold until I get back.  I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow on a 6am flight and return to Seattle on Friday.

London Bridge

Unbelievably, I’m still going through photos from my trip last year to Europe. Here is a shot taken while walking across the Millenium Bridge in London. I love how the cables intersect the frame drawing your eye to the top right corner and how vividly blue the sky is in the background.

It really leans!

It suffices to say that I thought Pisa was a dump when Colene and I went there on a day trip from Florence. A quick 1 hour train ride and we walked through one of the most pitiful cities on our European tour. After getting our bearings, we made a bee line straight for the famous leaning tower so we could get our obligatory photograph. After a short 20 mins walk, we exited this side street and saw the huge tower in front of us. Colene and I both uttered “Holy sh*t!” at the exact same time — priceless.

Yes, it really does lean. And yes, it is worth the visit even though the rest of the city is unremarkable and dirty.

Pearl Jam

Here’s a shot from a Pearl Jam concert when I was in Prague last September that I took hand-held with my Canon SD-450. Tickets on the floor were $45 and 1/2 the price of nosebleed seats. Reason? “Europeans are lazy and want to sit” was the explanation given by the locals.

Nightfall in Vernazza

I took this shot while traveling through the town of Vernazza in Cinque Terre, Italy. Since I was backpacking, I was really travel weight conscious so I took along the lightest tripod I had. This turned out to be a huge mistake. It was so flimsy that I had a ton of trouble composing these night shots because the vibrations from the ground would get so easily transfered to the shot.

I had to find creative ways of weighing the tripod down to dampen the vibrations. Every one of my long exposure night shots took at least 3 times longer than they should have.

I love this particular shots because of the variation in colors that run from left to right. Every time I look at this photograph, I remember the warm breezes at night and the fantastic pesto pizza my sister and I enjoyed at sunset.