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Microsoft Store Australia and Italy have opened

Over the past several months, the Microsoft Store team has been working hard at improving our stores.  2 notable areas we’re working on is getting ready for the big launch of image Windows 7 as well as expanding our global footprint. 

As we all anticipate Windows 7’s launch on October 22, we have some great news to share in the meantime.

Today, we opened up 2 new additional international stores – Microsoft Store Italy and Microsoft Store Australia!

Both of these new stores are currently offering Microsoft software by download, or download + backup media.  We are continually looking to expand our catalog in each of our international stores, so be patient with us 🙂

The past year has seen us open up several international stores, and with these 2 new stores, we now have presence in 12 countries world-wide.

If you’re a customer of one of our new stores, drop us a comment here, or on Twitter and let us know what you think!

Introducing the Microsoft Store UK and Germany


Today we launched the Microsoft Store in both the UK and Germany.  We’ve been building up to this launch for quite some time so it’s exciting to see us bring this to fruition.

With these 2 stores, consumers can buy and download Microsoft products like Windows Vista, Office and Expression.  The availability of this new direct to consumer option is an awesome thing for users in those countries as it gives them another trusted source for buying Microsoft software and offers them the option of having the convenience of Electronic Software Download (ESD).

Screen shot of the homepage:


Product details page for Windows Vista Ultimate: