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Starting ’52 Weeks’

Last year I wanted to start the popular Flickr “365” project which is essentially taking a photo of yourself every day for an entire year. There have been some absolutely fantastic photos taken by friends in their own 365 projects which I found very inspiring. Some of my favorites includes:

My motivation was to push me to take more photos and to encourage my creative juices to flow. However, after being so busy with work and other non-photography related things, there is no way I’d be able to do this for an entire year and still get the quality photographs I’d want to capture.

Instead, I’m starting the alternate project, called 52 weeks which is essentially the same thing except you post a photo once a week. I officially started 52 Weeks last week, with a photo I took while in Beijing.

Here is Week 1 of 52 weeks:

Me at the Great Wall of China

You’ll be able to track all my photos for this 52 weeks project with the 52weeks tag on Flickr.

P.S. – I fully reserve the right to ditch 52 weeks in favor of 365 at any point this year 😉

Reflections on India

I’ve spent the last 21 days traveling through south India and it has been a surreal experience. Our travels took us to Mumbai, Mahabelashwar, Goa, Kerala, and all the airspace in between. It’s been filled with some of the greatest memories I’ve ever had on a vacation coupled with some of the worst.

I’ve always been a fan on Indian food, so this trip was perfect for satisfying the foodie in me. I got to taste a multitude of dishes and it really helped that I was traveling with friends that have been to India before and are of Indian descent, since they were able to steer me towards the tastiest dishes. As good as the food was, it definitely gave me a lot of stomach troubles early on in the trip. I guess I was a little too adventurous in my eating since I was cumulatively sick for nearly 1/3 the time I’ve been here!

Along our travels, we discovered a love for King Fisher beer, Uno and negotiating everything we bought, including taxi rides. Near the end of the trip, we managed to fit in the hilarious game of “How much woud someone have to pay you to stay another 3 weeks in India?”. It seems that none of us would even accept $30k. Yikes.

This trip marks the longest time I’ve spent with a group of friends — imagine spending 24 hours a day with the same 5 people for 21 days. Surprisingly it went better than we all would have expected. We got to share a ton of laughs coupled with deep, meaningful conversations. I couldn’t have picked a better group of friends to travel with. Craig, Fil, Chaitanya, Shaheen and Suraj — thanks for a great trip and all the memories that came along with it. You guys rock.

Photos from both India and China will be posted shortly after I get back to Seattle and I have a chance to go through them all. I’ll post up a link to the photos once I’ve completed them and uploaded them to Flickr.

My upcoming travel back to Seattle isn’t going to be short. I’m flying from Mumbai to Seattle, laying over in Amsterdam on Northwest Airlines. My total transit time is just over 26 hours! Wish me luck!

Here are some fun facts about our trip:

Total number of days in India 21
Number of those days I was sick 9
#of immodium tablets used by the group at least 15
# of flights/connections 11
# of times I was offered a camel ride 7
Ratio of men to women in Goa at least 20:1
Longest bus ride 8.5 hours, overnight
Cheapest Internet access 67 cents/hour
# of Uno games played at least 50
Most number of bottles of beer drank in a single night by the group 19 x 650ml
Longest cab ride where our cab driver was lost 1 hour 20 mins
How long that cab ride should have taken 20 mins
# of times we were asked to show photo ID at the airports while flying domestically in India None!

I can’t wait to get back to “normal” civilization in Seattle, my own bed and the ability to do laundry at will. Hallelujah!