How to map network drive to WebDav share on Windows 8

Quick instructions on how to map network drive to a WebDav share on Windows 8:

  1. Go to the search charm and search for “local services” (alternatively go to Start, and just start typing “local services”). You’ll see 1 match under “Settings” as “View Local Services“.
  2. Find the service named “WebClient” and you’ll see that the service isn’t started and the startup type is “Manual“.
  3. Rick-click and choose “Start” to start the service. Then right-click again, hit properties, then change the startup type to “Automatic“.  This will make sure the service is started with every reboot.
  4. Go to File Explorer (<Windows>+E) and click on “Map Network Drive” in the ribbon on the “Computer” tab.
  5. Choose a drive letter (or accept the default), and copy and paste your WebDav URL into Folder field (e.g.   If this is a one-time mapping, uncheck “Reconnect at sign-in“, otherwise leave it checked.  It’s likely that you’ll need a different set of credentials for the WebDav server, so check the “Connect using different credentials“.  Hit Finish.
  6. Enter your credentials and hit OK.