Lego Men Unmasked

I broke out my brand spanking new Panasonic LX-3 camera at a friend’s house the other night to shoot my first macro project in a long time.  I now present you the 6 part series for Lego Men Unmasked.


Part 1: Heroes Unmasked

Our 3 heroes unmask briefly before their first group meeting.


Part 2: Group Meeting

Robin: “Who made you boss?”

Batman: “Guys, stop looking at me like that. This hat is stylin’ on me and enemies will run in fear from all of us!”

Indiana Jones: “For the record, I think my hat is way better than your cowl.”


Part 3: Darth Robin

“On second thought, I like this costume change.  You look ridiculous.  *I* on the other hand, look great as Darth Vader.”


Part 4: Second thoughts

“Indy, I think my idea to change our head wear was a bad idea.”


Part 5: Realizations of bad decisions

“No, I’m serious. We gotta talk about this. This cowboy hat sucks. It doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of anyone!”


Part 6: Consequences

“Dude, seriously. I think you need your mask to cover up that receding hair line.  I bet you’re regretting this whole costume change now.  Too bad Indy kept your cowl.”

The End