Seeking alternatives to SIGG bottle due to BPA

These past few years, I’ve been sitting all smug drinking from my SIGG water bottles thinking I was avoiding the dangerous compound called Bisphenol A, or more commonly known as it’s abbreviation “BPA”. It’s been shown to cause breast cancer and all sorts of other nasty things due to it leaching into drinking water when it’s used in manufacturing.

While SIGG has never come out and said their bottles don’t contain BPA, they haven’t denied it either.  They skirted the entire issue by saying in an interview back in April ’08:

“…there are many copy-cat manufacturers in the market (most based in China) that would like to get their hands on this formula, our supplier has an agreement with SIGG to keep his formula confidential.”

“Very thorough migration testing in laboratories around the world is conducted regularly and has consistently shown SIGG aluminum bottles to have no presence of lead, phthalates, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Bysphenol A (BPA), Bysphenol B (BPB) or any other chemicals which scientists have deemed as potentially harmful.”

Well turns out that SIGG has finally admitted that the linings in their bottles made before August 2008 do in fact contain BPA:

“Within the reusable bottle water category, polycarbonate plastic bottles (#7) came under scrutiny in early 2008 because they were found to leach BPA. As a result, many consumers turned to metal bottles (aluminum and stainless steel) because these bottles had no issues with BPA migration. Prior to its transition, SIGG utilized a water-based epoxy liner which contained a trace amount of BPA.”

While studies have shown that their is supposedly no risk of the BPA leaching into the water, call me crazy if I don’t trust that claim.  I mean serious, WTF?!  Talk about a sure fire way of breaking all the trust your customers ever had with you.

I’m not even risking it and tossing my SIGG bottle immediately both for health concerns, but also because SIGG has absolutely lost my trust and confidence.

Anyone have a favorite alternative?  Here are my leading contenders, of which I’ll probably choose the Kleen Canteen:

  1. Kleen Canteen stainless steel bottle
  2. CamelBak  Better Bottle (or alternatively, the CamelBak with the “bite valve”)
  3. CamelBak stainless steel
  4. Nalgene HDPE wide mouth bottle
  5. Nalgene wide mouth bottle
  6. Nissan Intak Hydration bottle
  7. ThinkSport Stainless steel double-walled bottle (great for hot and cold liquids)