My 5 favorite Greasemonkey scripts

Here is a list of 5 Greasemonkey scripts that drastically improves my experience on the web almost every day:image

  1. Folder4Gmail: Hands down my favorite script for Gmail since it solves my biggest grip – lack of folders.  It allows you to create labels in a specific format, that will nest and create the appearance of folders.
  2. Google Account Multi-Login: Replaces “sign out” link on most Google pages (including Reader, webmaster tools, mail and iGoogle)
  3. Linkify Ting: It turns text that it thinks are links include clickable hyperlinks. So instead of seeing, it will turn it into a hyperlink. Saves me time from copying and pasting needlessly.
  4. Flickr multi-group sender: Flickr’s UI limits you to sending a photo to one group at at time. This overrides the “Send to Group” button and allows you to send to multiple groups.
  5. Google Reader + Twitter: Allows you to easily share blog posts on Twitter directly from Google Reader.

Here are other scripts that I find useful, but aren’t in the must-have category:

  1. Twitter Search Results in Google: Include search results from Twitter within Google search results.
  2. Helvetireader: Cleans up Google Reader into a much easier to read by applying a very minimalistic theme.  It opts for not removing a lot of UI elements and assumes you know shortcut keys.
  3. Auto add to Google Reader: Add directly to Google Reader instead of asking whether you want to add to Google Homepage or Google Reader.
  4. Wikipedia Animate: Allows you to see Wikipedia entries as a timeline of changes on the page. Pretty sweet.