I received an innocuous looking email today in my inbox with the subject line:

I-485 / AOS Approval Received

I’m used to getting emails about immigration matters all the time seeing as I’ve been living in the US on various work visas over the past 8 years. Usually it’s about immigration policy changes, delays in my processing, or a notification that my current work visa is about to expire.

All the work visas I have been on expire periodically, with the most recent ones expiring every single year.

However, throughout all of this, I’ve been patiently very patiently waiting for my Green Card application to get approved (also known as “Permanent Residency”).

When I got today’s email, I slowly opened it as read these words:

We are pleased to inform you that your application for adjustment of status has been approved. We have received a Welcome Notice and the Permanent Resident card. We will forward these to your office via courier.
We encourage you to review the webpage entitled, “Now That You Are a Permanent Resident” on USCIS’s website (link below) for more information about your new status…..


I never thought this day would come, and have been increasingly pessimistic as seemingly everyone around me was getting approved years before me.  I’m ecstatic to have finally put an end to this entire ordeal!