Trevin turns 30!

My 30th birthday weekend was kicked off formally with tandem sky dive in Snohomish, WA with Chaitanya and Todd.  It’s the 3rd consecutive year that I’ve done this for my birthday and, as always,  it was an unforgettable experience.  Chaitanya had been before near Mt. Ranier, but this was Todd’s first time. So not only did I get to do my annual “scare the crap out of myself by jumping out of a plane”, but I got to help Todd lose his sky diving virginity. 

me_skydive The ants go parachuting 2 by 2, hurrah, hurrah... II

 The ants go parachuting 2 by 2, hurrah, hurrah... The instrument of terror

Sky diving was chased with dinner at Coupage, where I had a fantastic meal with some of my closest friends.  Can anyone say ground short rib burger with seared foie gras, kimchi and truffle potato chips?  Dinner was marred by a terrible customer service experience at the restaurant, but I’ll save the venting for my Yelp review and instead think of “happy thoughts” for now.

Following Coupage, we headed over to Chez Gaudy to close the evening out with some debauchery over drinks, food and more of my friends.  Throughout the evening a ton of my friends came through and it was so great to finally be able to have all my different circles of friends mix together for the first time.  Here are some shots from the evening:

image  image

image  image

Here’s the video slide show that was put together by Craig with help of my sister which features some horrific pictures of my childhood. Eep!

Thanks to everyone for coming out Saturday and I’m looking forward to many, many more years of memories.