Carbonite and data migration to new computer

I have 8.9 GB left of my initial 117.6 GB Carbonite backup!  I don’t like how there is not upload speed indicator in the Carbonite application, but other than that, the experience has been far, far better that Mozy (which explains why I switched along with a few others). 

The one thing I’m not sure of though, is how Carbonite is going to handle the fact that I’m about to migrate to a new computer. When I copy all the files to the new machine, is the new instance of Carbonite on that new computer going to re-backup all of the files again?  I was thinking of just using Windows Easy Transfer to migrate my files, but not sure if all the file attributes will remain the same which will then trigger Carbonite to re-do the initial backup of all my data.  Perhaps I should use something like Robocopy with the “/COPY=DAT”, “/DCOPY:T” and “/ZB” flags?