Sync Google Calendar and Outlook

Outlook and Exchange are the center of my universe due to the integration with my cell phone thanks to push-email and over-the-air sync.  If you’ve never had this capability (includes all you iPhone users!), then you don’t know what you’re missing.  There’s never a situation where there is out of sync information between my phone and Outlook, and since the master copy of my address book is in Exchange, losing or changing cell phones is easy schmeasy.  You’ll never see me send an email that says “Hey friends, I’ve changed cell phones and need all your phone numbers again“.  Sound familiar? Probably one of your friends that switched from their Motorola Razr to an iPhone 😉 

Due to my reliance on Exchange I’ve never jumped on the Google Calendar bandwagon despite using Gmail for my personal email.  Google Calendar is a great product, but the last thing I want to do is manage a manual sync between it and Exchange.  To say that would be a nightmare would be the understatement of the century.  The shunning of Google Calendar has proved problematic for my personal life since many of my friends use it to send me event invitations to my personal email address instead of my work email address.  To them that makes sense since it’s a personal event, but to me, I need everything to go through my Microsoft email address for Exchange.

Well now to solve my problem, it looks like Google has finally release two-way sync between Google Calendar and Outlook!  It’s a client side component so it has to be installed on my work machine to get sync’d to my Exchange server, but this is definitely the next best thing to have server-side support.  With this app, I won’t have to tell my friends anymore to re-send the invitations to my work email, manually enter the appointments in Outlook, or even set up email forwarding rules.

The initial reviews I’ve read of the app is great and seems to just work exactly as advertised.  I’m anxious to install this app when I get to work tomorrow!