Starting ’52 Weeks’

Last year I wanted to start the popular Flickr “365” project which is essentially taking a photo of yourself every day for an entire year. There have been some absolutely fantastic photos taken by friends in their own 365 projects which I found very inspiring. Some of my favorites includes:

My motivation was to push me to take more photos and to encourage my creative juices to flow. However, after being so busy with work and other non-photography related things, there is no way I’d be able to do this for an entire year and still get the quality photographs I’d want to capture.

Instead, I’m starting the alternate project, called 52 weeks which is essentially the same thing except you post a photo once a week. I officially started 52 Weeks last week, with a photo I took while in Beijing.

Here is Week 1 of 52 weeks:

Me at the Great Wall of China

You’ll be able to track all my photos for this 52 weeks project with the 52weeks tag on Flickr.

P.S. – I fully reserve the right to ditch 52 weeks in favor of 365 at any point this year 😉

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