Match the captions and win!

Despite the poor quality of the camera in my smartphone, I still take a lot of pictures with it. While going through the pictures yesterday, it surprised me how random some of the photos really are.

I figured it’d be fun to do a collage of mobile photos and have you match up captions to the photos.

1. PIC-0196 2.PIC-0104
3. PIC-0165 4.PIC-0192
5.PIC-0052 6.PIC-0205
7.PIC-0207 8.PIC-0206

Now the possible captions:

A. The morning after
B. Hurry up Nelly!
C. Harold & Kumar at White Castle
D. Mini-me
E. The most manly drink on the planet
F. Best bathroom view in the city
G. This town has no crime
H. Maybe it’s good to be single afterall