Crater Lake

2 weeks ago, I went with Chaitanya down to San Francisco to help him drive back his new M3. It was our last hurrah for a road trip this summer and driving an M3 on a road trip isn’t a shabby way to travel either 🙂

Our notable stops along the way included Ashland, the site of the world famous Shakespeare Festival, Crater Lake and Portland.

Crater Laker was definitely the biggest highlight of our trip. The lake is just breathtaking and I recommend for everyone to see it at least once in their lives because words can’t describe how beautiful it is. Due to the water’s purity, elevation and depth it has set world records for clarity and has the most intense naturally occuring blue color I have ever seen.

During our drive around Crater Lake, I managed to snag some photos of the lake itself and a few weird shots of us in the car with some creative camera holding techniques. I was either hanging outside the car while we drove at full clip or had the camera attached to my tripod with one hand outside the car. Definitely a fun time!

You can see all the photos in my Crater Lake set on Flickr.

Clear water anyone? Road shot Crater Lake Blues