Reminder why I’m not a developer

Before I joined Microsoft, I was part of a few startups as a web developer and did a lot more coding than I do now (which is none :)). Every now and then I get my hands dirty and am able to get back into PHP which was my language of choice back in the day for building web services. The last time I got my hands really dirty was when I migrated away from Windows Live Spaces to a self-hosted wordpress blog. I had to muck around with customizing wordpress and writing a bunch of custom code for plugins to get my blog to behave exactly like I wanted. There were sufficient enough changes in PHP 5 that I had to make continuous trips over to to look at the online documentation which was pretty frustrating, but it was great to see that PHP 5 corrects a crap ton of frustrations I use to have with PHP 4.

Last few days I’ve been getting back into PHP again to work on a project to help out a friend while she’s out of town. There are times I love getting into the nitty gritty of what’s going on but inevitably at the end of it, I’m reminded why I didn’t continue as a developer in my career at Microsoft. I couldn’t hack it! I get bored so easily after a few hours, that I want to go higher level and wave my magic wand and have someone who’s more competent at coding finish the job. I guess this is why I enjoy work right now — I can trust my dev team (Herman, Rob, Derek and Yong) to implement what my PM team spec’s out and it always comes out at super high quality. I’m so glad I realized early on what career path was for me, and which one wasn’t 🙂

Besides, even if I did want to do development as career, no one in their right mind would want me to write code for a production service. Can we say service pack? 🙂