Microsoft opens up Windows Live ID

It’s great to see that my old team has been humming away and have come out with a pretty big announcement. They’ve opened up Windows Live ID so 3rd party websites can use it for their authentication and integration with Windows Live authenticated services, much like Google and Yahoo’s offerings. 

It’s a bit late to the game, but better late than never!  It’s fantastic to see they even have sample implementations in Ruby, Python, Perl and PHP!

From the Windows Live ID team blog:

The benefits of incorporating Windows Live ID into your Web site include:

· The ability to use Windows Live gadgets, APIs and controls to incorporate authenticated Windows Live services into your site.

· An HTTP-based, platform-neutral interface for implementing Windows Live ID authentication in your existing site, even if it is hosted by a third-party.

· Ability to make authentication and Windows Live integration easy for over 380 million consumers.

Check out the details in the SDK documentation or download the quick-start application if you’re interested in learning more.