A Macro, a landscape and a workshop

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking the 2 day Bryan Peterson workshop here in Seattle. Bryan is one of my favorite authors of Photography books and he has taken some amazing photos over the course of his 30 year career. The best part about this guy is that he’s so down to earth and tells the most hilarious stories, which made the 2 days we spent together an absolute blast.

The class was sold as a macro photography course, which is focused on taking close-up photography of subjects. Traditional this is with flowers and insects — 2 subjects I’ve never been wildly fond of. However, after taking the course, I have developed a keen interest in taking more macro shots, and even found a love for flowers. It’s technically and creatively challenging to setup and take a good macro shot, and I had my fair share of frustration, especially since I don’t own a macro lens. I was stuck borrowing a classmate’s lens and trying to setup my own shots with my lenses.

The rest of the course was spent driving all around Seattle and basically absorbing everything in Bryan’s head, whether it be lens choice, camera setup or even creative style questions. The $595 price tag on the course was a steal as far as I’m concerned given how much I learned over the 2 day period. Here are some of the shots I took, which are also available on my portfolio.

Let me know what you think!