Swivel List of 3’s

Ken Newsome started a very cool effort to refresh his blog reading list in something he called the Swivel Feeds Experiment.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little bored with some of my feeds lately. So it’s time to launch a grand experiment that will provide lots of good, new blogs to read. I’m going to dump a lot of my feeds and ask bloggers I enjoy reading to help rebuild my reading list.

Then there are the rest of my feeds. This group consists of the bloggers who interest me the most. I have a lot of interests, so these feeds cover a lot of ground. And I want these folks to help me reseed my reading list with blogs they like and/or think I’d like.

I’ll update both the list and my feeds as we go, and when we’re done, I’ll post the entire list and an OPML file for anyone who wants it.

So, once or twice a week, I’ll list several of these blogs, describe briefly why I enjoy them and ask each of the writers to add 5 blogs to the list.

Ken then nominated several groups of people to nominate blogs that he should add to his reading list. My buddy, Greg Hughes, was added to group #4 to contribute his list of blogs. I met Greg a few years ago when I worked on the Windows Live ID team due to shared interest in IT and security. Since then I’ve discovered that Greg is a great photographer, and being a photo-head myself, we’ve followed each other’s blog for quite some time.

Of the 5 blogs that Greg nominated, mine was surprisingly on his list. I’ve always wondered whether people (other than my mother) find my blog interesting, or at the very least, entertaining πŸ™‚

While I find Ken’s list interesting, I wanted to do my own version of this not to just find some random blogs to read, but to also find out what types of blogs my friends (and their friends) read.

Project: Trevin’s Swivel List of 3’s


  1. Nominees have to nominate 3 blogs that they regularly read.
  2. The nominated blogs cannot be strictly tech-focused; any other category is fair game. (e.g. You can’t nominate Tech Crunch or Engadget, but someone’s personal blog that occasionally talks about tech is allowed).
  3. The nominated blogs cannot already be on the list.
  4. Nominees nominate 3 other people to participate. To keep the close knit feel of this, the new nominator and nominee must have met in person.

To kick-start, here are my nominations for the “Trevin Swivel list of 3’s”:

  1. Craig dos Santos: Craig is my best friend and writes some very thought provoking blog posts. After quitting Microsoft over a year ago to pursue more entrepeneurial interests, he’s had his fair share of experiences in both work and travel. He doesn’t post that regularly (which makes following it easy :)), but when he does, he touches on topics like book reviews and training for the 2008 Ironman.
  2. Unclutterer: A blog dedicated to the simple task of getting rid of clutter and staying organized. Given I have my fair share of clutter in my house and my office, it’s ironic I even follow this blog. Maybe it’s wishful thinking? πŸ™‚
  3. Omar Shahine: Omar is a fellow Microsoftie working down in Mountain View on Windows Live Hotmail. Before you cry foul on me for breaking the rule of “no tech blogs”, Omar does blog about other great stuff like fatherhood and AMT. He even helped me out with the filing of my taxes this year by providing me an excel worksheet on calculating the tax implications due to my Microsoft stock awards πŸ™‚

Here is the first group of nominees to provide their 3 nominations for the Trevin Swivel List of 3’s:

  1. Mike Torres — I couldn’t nominate your blog because you only talk about tech stuff so let’s see if you can provide a list of non-tech blogs for our reading enjoyment.
  2. Craig dos Santos — Maybe this will get you to update your blog more frequently?
  3. Colene — sis, you’re up!

I was going to nominate Omar to give his list, but I’ve never met the guy in person πŸ™‚