More Green is Sexy and easy tips

Since the launch of Green is sexy last wednesday, the incoming traffic to the site has been amazing given it was a soft-launch with no formal marketing or advertising. Being mentioned in their contributors section in Things we heart has been a boon for both my blog and my photo portfolio as well in terms of traffic.

My blog and portfolio are getting ~25% increase in traffic with 40% of it either coming from or from celebrity fan sites. At one point, 56% of my blog traffic was coming only from

Now if only all those new visitors would adopt at least one of the green tips!It’s definitely cool being tangentially associated with a project that’s gaining momentum in the news, especially in celebrity gossip sites which I’ve always been a big fan of :). It’s also rewarding to be part of a project that I believe in, one that’s about saving this world we live on. I’ve been frankly shocked at the sheer simplicity of the “tips of the day” and how easy it is for each one of us to make an impact on the world. One example was the tip from the other day:

Use a mug instead of a paper cup. Obvious? Not really. Ceramic mugs require a lot more energy to produce and distribute than their disposable cousins. So why are we recommending you ditch the paper? Mugs may lose the battle, but they win the war: They are designed to be used more than 3,000 times, as opposed to the single-use design of paper cups. In the long run, the smarties at the Dutch Ministry of Environment assure us it’s better to reuse your coffee cup than to get a new paper one each time. Feeling ambitious? Use non-toxic dish soap to wash your ceramic mugs, and when you do use a paper cup, just say NO to the plastic lid and the disposable sleeve.

First, I didn’t even think about the energy it required to create a ceramic mug. Second, I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day at work and use disposable polystyrene cups in our kitchens. I should just start using my own mug and washing it to make my little impact on this world. Any tips you’ve adopted or want to share?

As a side note, here’s a sampling of other coverage I’ve seen around the web:

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“In May 2007, McAdams was involved in the launch of, a website dedicated to providing environmental tips and information.”

Green Is Sexy and other things is a site started by Rachel and her friends Megan (she was in The Hot Chick with Rachel as the girl who ended up dating the black guy) and Didi, aimed at improving the earth environmentally. Take a look, there are two postcards…”

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