Halloween with mini-teedot

My sister sends me and my brother a photo today taken when we were kids of us on Halloween. 

i love kelly’s skeleton bones made of two pieces of masking tape! so ghetto.

I have no idea how old we are in this photo, but it’s definitely old. I couldn’t help but notice:

  1. My brother is a skeleton with masking tape as bones.  4 ribs? No arms? Nice face paint buddy.
  2. What the heck am I dressed as? Those are snow pants, so am I a ski pirate?  What’s with that bandana?
  3. My sister looks the most normal dressed up as smurfette… oh wait. Is that a picture of papa smurf on her chest?  Was that a little boy’s halloween costume re-purposed for my sister?
  4. Why is my brother so freakishly tall? Or are me and my sister more like little carnie midgets?