Admiral 1.1.1 released

The guys just notified me that Admiral 1.1.1 was released.  I  discovered this neat app while I was previously hunting for a way to replicate the Mac Expose feature on Windows XP, and I’ve been using it ever since it’s been a real boost to my productivity.  I regularly have over a dozen windows open while I’m working and this was a real time saver instead of trying to ALT+TAB through all them.

Their previous 1.0 release had a few bugs, but in this latest release they’ve resolved all of them (at least the ones that plagued me).   The single best feature of this new release is that they’ve added miniaturization for related Windows (for demo of miniaturization, check out this screenshot I took). So if you have an IE 7 window currently in focus and activate Related Windows Miniaturization, you will only get shown all the other IE windows.   This is the perfect feature for me, since there are so many times where I’m in one Outlook email, and I want to bring up another email for reference.  So instead of miniaturizing all windows, it only shows me the Outlook windows.

In the setup of Admiral, I had to specifically tell it to exclufe the Windows Sidebar and the Outlook Reminders window in the miniaturization.  I have configured the top right corner to activate related window miniaturization, and the lower right corner for miniaturization of all windows. 

They’ve got a 30 day trial going and after that you can buy a full copy for $7.99.  These guys have a great piece of software, and should really look to extend their reach by getting themselves on places like and Windows Marketplace.  Direct purchase through their wordpress blog is definitely limiting their audience.