Free extended battery for Samsung Blackjack from Cingular/AT&T

Many people, including me, that bought a Samsung Blackjack when they were just released didn’t get the extended battery and cover.  Looks like Cingular/AT&T must have got a lot of complaints because they’re now giving them away for free for those “customers dissatisfied with battery life”!  These are the terms:

  • Extended battery is also available as a free option for customers dissatisfied with battery life
  • AT&T is not overtly communicating this option. Should be used on a case-by-case basis.
  • Customer needs to fill out a web form
  • URL is
  • Needs IMEI, MIN and shipping address
  • IMEIs between 352794010030189 – 352794012269959 are eligible for this offer
  • Young America will process & fulfill
  • Web site will be live Feb 16th 2007. Fulfillment process may take 2 to 4 weeks due to short supply of extended batteries

To get your IMEI # without shutting your phone off, enter *#06#.  Don’t forget to include the trailing number after the “/”, as that is the final digit of your IMEI.