Moved from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

After debating for months on moving from Windows Live Spaces to my own WordPress hosted blog, I’ve finally made the jump.  The biggest reason was that I couldn’t get the flexibility out of Spaces that I wanted, in particular, page customization.  I hated having a blog that looked so cookie cutter. 

Since Spaces’ RSS feed only gives me the last 30 posts in my blog, I had a heck of a time migrating my content.  Cem tried helping me out by writing a perl script to crawl my Space and save each blog post’s page locally.  However, I abandoned the hopes of automating this  after realizing (a) there was a decent amount of post-processing that would need to be done on crawled pages and (b) that my perl is extremely rusty 🙂 

 I ended up using the built-in RSS import of WordPress to get my last 30 posts, then cherry-picked the most popular blog posts to move over based on stats and comments.  It’s a shame that I’ve couldn’t migrate any of the comments over, but hey, I guess it’s better than nothing.

I always knew that WordPress was extremely powerful, but in the last few days, I’m really beginning to appreciate how much you can really do with it.  I love the widgets support, as well as all the freely avalaible themes there are out there.  I went through about 15 themes before I settled on the Yaletown theme that I’m currently using. Ironically, the creator of this theme lives in my hometown and the shot he’s using for the banner is a picture of where my parent’s currently live.  Talk about a perfect fit!

 I’ve been mucking with customization of my blog to add more widgets and such, but there is still a long way to go. Here’s my to-do list for the next week or so when I can find the time after work: 

  1. Go through my migrated blog posts and update the URLs from to  local urls
  2. Add a “top posts” widget
  3. Integrate google adsense
  4. Change the stock banner shot to one of my own photos. I already have a few shortlisted that I think will work
  5. Get rid of categories in favor of a tag cloud.

Goodbye Spaces, hello WordPress!

25 thoughts on “Moved from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

  1. Tony

    Lol.. I know, I was just teasing. 😉 You’ve got some nice pictures going dude. Kudos. This design is not bad, too.

  2. Tony

    Lol.. I know, I was just teasing. 😉 You’ve got some nice pictures going dude. Kudos. This design is not bad, too.

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  6. AWMPortal

    Immer wieder taucht die Frage auf, wie sich SSI in WordPress einbinden läßt ohne sich großartig z.B. in die PHP-Programmierung einarbeiten zu müssen

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