to get money back from Amazon is a great little website that will monitor specific Amazon items and email you when the price goes lower than when you originally purchased it.   In their own words:

“There are a number of online retailers that offer to credit buyers back cash on past purchases. For instance, if the product you purchased at within the last 30 days has dropped in price they will credit you back the difference”

Before stumbling upon this site, I never even knew that Amazon had a 30-day price protection policy.  When notifies you of a price drop, they give you a direct link to the Amazon customer service contact page making things all that much easier.

I entered a bunch of purchases in that I made leading up to the holidays and yesterday I was notified that one of the items was cheaper!  I contacted customer service per the instructions and here was the email I received from Amazon within 24 hours:

“Thank you for writing to

The discounts we offer for items on our web site do vary from time
to time. I’ve checked your order, and found that we now offer a
greater discount on ” A Photographer’s Life: 1990-2005 (Hardcover) ”
than at the time you placed your order.

Since this item was shipped so recently, I have requested a refund
of $0.01 to your credit card.
This amount reflects the difference
between the price you were charged and the discounted price. The
refund should be processed in the next few days and will appear as a
credit on your next billing statement. “

Yes, you got it. I actually requested a refund for 1 cent 🙂 Frankly, I’m shocked Amazon is processing a refund for such a low amount, but this shows that they live up to their 30 day guarantee 🙂