Niels meets Beauty and the Geek

I met Niels quite a number of years ago (maybe 4?) when he interviewed for a position at Microsoft.  I was the assigned “entertainer” to take him out to dinner for the evening.  It wasn’t by chance that I was chosen — Niels is actually a friend of Craig.. actually more than a friend, they were also college roomates back at Rice University.  Niels and I haven’t spent that much time together in the previous 4 years, but we managed to get to know each other really well this past July 4th when he was up here visiting for a week.

It turns out that Niels is on the next season of the TV show Beauty and the Geek.  Yes, I now know someone famous (or soon to be famous)!  If you don’t know already, I love reality TV shows and actually applied for Survivor.  I’m still bitter about my quick rejection due to the fact I’m not an American citizen.. don’t get me started…

Anyways, back to Niels.  Due to the contact he signed, he can’t tell any of his friends what happened on the show or what the outcome actually was.  It’s going to be hilarious to watch the show week to week here in Seattle and be actually rooting for someone I know!

Niels’ bio:

His interview video:  (click on link and scroll down to his video on the right hand side).

Go Niels, go!