I’m being held hostage by terrorists

By now, everyone should have heard about the foiled terrorist attack in the UK. For those that haven’t, here a Police at Glasgow Airportlink to the BBC News article to bring you up to speed.

This is some scary stuff. 21 people arrested, and 3 US airlines were believed to have been targets for these attacks. The attack was supposedly involved building explosives with liquids and electronics devices as detonators that the terrorists were planning on bringing aboard the planes.

Currently, passengers are not allowed to take carry-ons on any flight in the UK. In the US, your carry-ons are not allowed to contain any liquids.

Unfortunately, the damn terrorists decided to coincide their attack with my trip to NYC to visit Amir. My flight was scheduled to lave Seatac at 5:50pm with a 3 hour lay-over in San Francisco before continuing onto JFK. When my boarding pass was printed, my Gate # for the second leg from San Fran to NYC wasn’t printed out.

After getting my boarding pass and checking my bag, I had to go through, what I expected to be, a crazy security checkpoint. To my surprise, the security checkpoint wasn’t that bad. People were being forced told to throw away any “liquids”. People in line were asking all these crazy questions wondering whether their carry-on items were considered “liquids”. WTF?! People, what is so hard to understand about “liquid”?? Hint: if it’s not solid, it’s either considered a liquid or a gas, and I’m pretty sure most people know wtf a gas is.

I wanted to smack this one dude in front of me when he was trying to debate with the security officer about whether his cologne was considered a liquid. First of all, last time I checked, cologne wasn’t considered a solid or a gas. Second, why are you giving the security guy a hard time? He’s just doing his job! It’s not like you’re going to negotiate with the security guy for an exemption.

After spending 25 mins in the security checkpoint, I end up at my gate waiting for my flight. Thankfully, it’s on time! As I’m sitting there, I strike up a conversation with a girl sitting next to me. She told me that she got ot the airport at 11am this morning for a 1pm flight, and spent 4 hours in the security line. She said there were close to 3000 people in the security line and it went from the terminal out into the parking garage. If you know Seatac airport at all, that would have been one serious line. This girl ended up missing not 1, but 3 possible flights on her route and was now forced to take a later flight at 7pm — 2 hours after mine, which means she will be at the airport for 8 hours before departing. Sucks to be her.

I get onto the plan without incident, promptly fall asleep and wake up just as we’re landing in San Fran. Funny part is that I wake up sleeping on the shoulder of the dude next to me. I apologized to the guy and he told me he tried to shake me off 3 times, but i kept leaning back on him so he gave up. Funny stuff. I guess I”m thankful that nice people still exist in the world 🙂

I get off my plane and then realize “sh*t!, i dont’ know the gate # for my next flight” (remember, it wasn’t printed on my boarding pass I got in Seattle). For the life of me, I could not find out what the gate # was within the “secured area” of SFO, so I had to exit back into the terminal just to find out the gate #. Because I had to exit the secured area, I had to go through the security checkpoint again! ARGH!

I’m standing in line, and once again, I’m stuck with people who IQ must be their shoe size. People are arguing and yelling at the security guy because he’s making them throw out makeup, eye drops, etc. The best part was this one lady who had to throw out her $150 bottle of perfume. Ouch.

After the 65 minute parade through this second security checkpoint, I walk up to my gate and find out that my flight is delayed by 4 hours. WTF!

I promptly find a restaurant in the airport order myself some food and Guinness. I’m now plunking away at some work stuff on T-Mobile wifi ($9.99 per day, ouch!).

So turns out that even though the terrorist attack happened on the other side of the world, they managed to indirectly hold me hostage in the San Francisco airport. I guess this is the part where I say the cliche line “the world is flat“. But I won’t.