Yaletown waterfront a la Lomo

The Lomo LC-A was a camera born out of St. Petersburg, Russia that has a lens that distorted the edges while keeping the center of the frame sharp. The lenses also have a very high sensitivity to light often causing over saturation and defects in exposure. The camera has a freakish cult following.. just search for “Lomo” on the web or Flickr and you’ll see what I mean.

After seeing some photos recently taken by a Lomo LC-A camera, it reminded me again how much I love their high contrasty look. Since I don’t use film at all anymore in favour of my digital SLR, I wanted to try to re-create the look using photoshop. After several unsuccessful attempts, I found a great tutorial over at digital-photography-school.com. Using that technique plus some tweaks of my own, I’m getting some great results. Here’s one attempt at Lomofying an image I took while up in Vancouver, over the Yaletown neighbourhood where my parents live.