7 weird things you can do on the internet

Here’s a list of 7 random things that you probably didn’t know you could do on the internet:

1. See what a website looked like 10 years ago!

Check out the Way Back Internet machine, which is a website that has archived tons of pages, dating back to 1996.  For example:

Google in 1998

MSN in 2000 (which i think looks better than it does today)

Sun in 1996

Marthastewart.com in 1998 (not really “a good thing”)

2. Order New Mexican tamales

Apparantly these are world famous mexican tamales from a restaurant in Santa Fe named “Leona’s Restaurante“.  $15 per dozen with a pretty heft $30 shipping and handling fee..it does get sent overnight though so you could be enjoyihng a couple dozen tamales with your morning espresso!

3. Become a reality TV star

My wish has always been to be on survivor, but they seem to want to discriminate by only allowing American citizens..sigh. (Maybe some network genius will come up with “World Survivor” and Canadians will come and stomp some ass)  But anyways, check out ManiaTV where you can submit a 5-minute video clip of yourself, and if chosen, they’ll feature 1 hour dedicated to you and your life.  Better hope you have something interesting going on that’ll fill an hour of video tape 🙂

4. Compare cell phone plans across carriers

WireFly is pretty good as helping you compare plans and phones across carriers.  They seem to miss some of the promo deals that may be happening, so make sure you double check each carrier before you make your final decision.

5. Anonymously rat out your co-workers’ annoying habits

Ever wanted to let your co-workers know about some annoying habit they have? Bad B.O? Weird facial ticks? Burping and belching grossing you out? Well now you can… Check out annoyingcoworker.net.

6. Buy a cheaper alternative (and just as good) to the Tempurpedic mattress

Ever dreamed about owning a tempurpedic memory foam mattress that you see at stores like Brookstone, but don’t want to fork out $1500+ dollars?  Do what I did, and order from memoryfoam.com and save yourself a bundle. Not only do they have same quality and better warranty, but you can also customize the mattress with different layers depending on how you sleep. Make sure you visit their forums to read advice on what configurations to buy.

7. Become a world champion Rock Paper Scissor player

Buy the Rock Paper Scissor strategy guide from Amazon and you’ll increase your odds of winning the World Rock, Paper, Scissor championship